Singles Released July 14, 2023

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Habanera, or contradanza as originally known in Cuba, is a style of Cuban popular dance music of the 19th century, with far-reaching influence on Latin American music, including Argentine tango. The style travelled back to influence European music and dance, inspiring Europeanized works such as Georges Bizet's 1875 opera, Carmen, with its famous habanera aria.

This is our first release. So excited! The music pays tribute to Habanera as a musical genre, social dance, as well as to Havana, where the music arose, and the people of Cuba, where this style arose. We hope you enjoy! Much more music to come ... we can't wait to share!

This is the first collaboration between Victor and me. Victor has been a godsend to me in terms of my journey to find a collaborator. It is not easy to find someone who possess music visions with which I resonate so thoroughly. When I first composed this piece, I intended a Latin flavor, but I did not know I had created a Habanera. Victor explained to what a Habanera is and took this piece to a brand new level by giving it a sweeping Cinematic feel, and making the nuanced changes to make it a true classic Habanera!

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