Mountain Mist

Singles Released August 18, 2023

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One of the most memorable moments from my childhood is hiking local mountains near Taipei, where in the afternoon chilly fog and mist often rolled in. My family on the weekends would take short outings to visit the local hot springs in these mountains, and then afterwards the local farms with their fresh vegetables and chicken! It was awesome: the best tasting freshest food in memory. In other ocaasions, we would also visit various Buddhist and Daoist temples in these mountains.

I wrote this song with those memories in mind. Another reason is to put my name on this piece. You see, the literal translation of my Chinese name is "Victorious Mountain Mist." This piece brings to the forefront the essence of all my compositions: life's mystery, nature's elegance, mind's meditativeness, and heart's optimism all mixed into one. I hope you enjoy!

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